Every picture tells a story, every picture has a story

15th November 2011


Black and white contacts from the 1993 Paola Turci shoot for the album ‘Ragazze’. Mamiya RB 67, Plus X

I received an email from a fan of Italian singer-songwriter Paola Turci. He had seen a picture I had taken of her for the album ‘Ragazze’ on my website and asked to see some more unpublished photos from the same shoot. So I got out my negative album and scanned ┬áthem as a contact sheet. Shot in my studio on Kodak Plus X with a Mamiya RB67 with a soft portrait lens and developed by myself. The shoot was in June 1993. The first part was in the studio, for the second part we went to Elba and shot mainly on the rocks by the seashore as there was a seaside theme running through her songs. It was a perfect trip, everything went well. When I got back to Bologna my much loved cat had disappeared, presumed poisoned. Two months later Paola had a very bad car accident and was badly scarred - but she was lucky to survive.